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Not Sure But Here Is My Log

Not sure else where to put this.

Not sure but it's SLOW

not sure meaning

Not Sure But May Have Winfixer Problem

Not Sure How To Read This Log And What To Fix

Not sure how to describe this

Not Sure how to fix

Not Sure I Got It - Zlob.dnschanger?

not sure what to do quotes

Not Sure How To Start

Not sure I am clean

i am not sure that

i am not sure whether or not

Not Sure If I Am Infected Or Not Fakealert And Fakealert.cc

not sure if i can go ahead and clean these files. malwarebytes

Not sure if I fully removed a Trojan-clicker

Not sure if I have a problem or not

Not sure if I got it all. please help?

Not sure if I have a problem.

not sure if I should be concerned

Not sure if im infected or not.

Not sure if Im infected

Not Sure If I'm Infected Please Look At Hjt Log And Let Me Know

Not sure if I'm still infected with Sirefef or not

easylifeapp removal

infected scab

infected cut

Not sure if in right folder.


not sure if internet security 2010 is gone

yeast infection

Not Sure If It The Right Place

Not sure if its a problem

Not sure if it's an FP?

Not sure if it's hardware or software

Not sure if this is a virus.?

not sure if there's something wrong but computer acts oddly

not sure if this goes here

Not sure if scanners caught Virtumonde etc.

Not sure if this belongs here

Not Sure If This Is Malware Or Not

not sure if this is the right place

Not sure if [email protected] is actually removed?

not sure if there has been a thread made for this porblem already

Not sure if this is the right place to put this

Not Sure If Virus Is Gone


Not sure of name - sorry

Not sure of trojan

Not Sure Of What I Have.

Not sure on problem

viral infections

another word for not sure

Not sure what all these 018 items are in hijack this log

i'm not sure meaning

Not sure what going on

cr1tikal face

relationship problems

Not sure what happened

Not Sure What Has Infected Me

Not sure what I got

not sure what I have

Not Sure What I Have Please Help

you are in this video facebook message

antibiotic resistant uti treatment

i'm not sure what i'll do but well i want to go places

Not sure what I'm infected with.followed instruc. and logs included

Not sure what infected but I think it's Virtumonde

symptoms of chlamydia

how to check if someone is remotely accessing your computer

Not sure what is going on

Not sure what is left

Not sure what is the cause

Not sure what is lurking.

not sure what is wrong here

Not Sure What It Is - Please Help

Not sure what I've got here

Not Sure What It Is But Found Winself.exe And Wmsdkns.exe? Help

not sure what it is need help

i'm not sure of

Not sure what I've got

Not Sure What Kind

Not Sure What My Problem Is

Not sure what the culprit is

Not Sure What The Problem Is

Not sure what the hell is going on.

Not sure what these are.

Not sure what to do here

Not Sure What To Ask

what does not sure mean

Not sure what to delete.

Not sure what to do anymore

Not Sure What to Do About This Ask.com and AOL.com in AdwCleaner

viral infection

Not sure what's going on; details inside

Not Sure What's Going On.

Not Sure Whats Going On :( Help Please?

computers have complicated lives very greatly

Not Sure Whats Going On

Not Sure Whats Wrong

Not sure where this goes

Not sure where to start

Not sure where this goes.Haelp?

Not sure where to look here?

not sure where to post

Not sure what this means can somebody help?

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